The unique Waxwing can be seen in large flocks in the UK between November and March feeding on berries.   The Waxwing has a pale pinkish brown body and large crest with a black line through the eye and a black bib below the beak.  The tips of the wings are a mixture of black and white with a small red patch and thin yellow lines.  The tail is black with a yellow tip and there can be between 100's and 1,000's of flocks that invade the UK.  This year we were lucky enough that a flock of about 40 came through Bardsey in the winter.  The UK visitors full name is the Bohemian Waxwing and I saw its North American cousin the Cedar Waxwing in Canada in 2012.

Length: 18cm (7in)

Wingspan: 32-35cm (12½-14in)

Weight: 45-70g (1½-2½oz)

Average Life: 5 years