The Puffin, also known as the Common Puffin & Atlantic Puffin, is a small species of seabird in the Auk family.  The Puffin has a black back, wings and part of the head with a white underside and a greyish white disc on the face.  The triangular shaped patterned beak is made up of red, orange, bluish grey & yellow with the legs being orange in colour.  There are 580,000 pairs resident during the summer being found on cliffs and islands.  The best place in the UK to see Puffins is at RSPB Bempton Cliffs with fantastic views when they return to breed.

Length: 26-29cm (10-11½in)

Wingspan: 47-63cm (18½-25in)

Weight: 310-500g (11-18oz)

Average Life: 10-20 years