The Common Pheasant is one of 39 species of Pheasant, of which 3 are found in the UK, the other two are Golden and Lady Amherst.  Like the Mandarin Duck, the male is much more colourful than the female.  A mixture of brown, gold, black, white and purplish red on the body, wings and tail with a white ring on the neck.  The rest of the neck is a mix of blue and green with a red facial wattle and a yellow eye with a silvery grey beak.  The female, smaller in size, is a mixture of light and dark brown and there are currently just over 2 million pairs breeding in the UK found in a variety of habitats.  They are a regular visitor to our garden with a record of 14 at once a couple of years ago.

Length: 52-80cm (20½-35in)

Wingspan: 70-90cm (28-35in)

Weight: 0.9-1.4kg (2-3lb)

Average Life: 7 years