The Little Owl is the smallest of the 5 species of Owl found in the UK with the others being the more common Barn & Tawny and the less common Short Eared & Long Eared.  The Little Owl is a mottled mixture of dark brown and white with piercing yellow eyes.  The Little Owl is often perched out in the open during the daytime and can be found in old trees, parkland, farmland, quarries and rocky islands.  A few years ago we were lucky enough to see a Little Owl perch in a tree at the back of our garden every day for 2 or 3 weeks.  The only other time I have seen it was at Rodley Nature Reserve in June 2017, hiding in the gable end of a building with in a water pumping station.  There are an estimated 7,000 pairs breeding across England and some parts of Wales.

Length: 21-23cm (8½-9in)

Wingspan: 50-56cm (20-22in)

Weight: 140-200g (5-7oz)

Average Life: 10 years

          LITTLE OWL 001

          LITTLE OWL 002