The Little Grebe is a member of the Grebe family and is sometimes known as a Dabchick.  The Little Grebe is the most common and smallest of the 5 species of Grebe found in the UK.  The Little Grebe has a Black cap, back & breast and a chestnut red neck & face with a little white patch at the start of the otherwise black beak.  The Little Grebe loses its chestnut red and the black becomes a lighter browner colour during winter.  There are an estimated 7,500 pairs breeding in the UK and they can be found on lakes, rivers and during the winter on the coast.

Length: 25-29cm (10-11½in)

Wingspan: 40-45cm (16-18in)

Weight: 100-120g (3½-4oz)

Average Life: 10-15 years

        LITTLE GREBE 001

        LITTLE GREBE 002

        LITTLE GREBE 003