The Linnet is a member of the Finch family and can be found in the UK all year round.  The male has a grey head, red patch on its forehead, a brown back with a couple of white streaks on the wing and tail.  The underside is a plain greyish brown with an extensive bright red breast during spring.  The female is fairly similar apart from having no red and its breast and back being more streaked in appearance.  There are an estimated 535,000 pairs in the UK found on heaths, farmland, rough grassland and waste ground.

Length: 12.5-14cm (5-5½in)

Wingspan: 21-25cm (8½-10in)

Weight: 15-20g (½-¾oz)

Average Life: 2-3 years

              LINNET 001

              LINNET 002

              LINNET 003