The Jay is a member of the Crow family and is a similar size to the Jackdaw, but is more like its slightly larger cousin the Magpie.  However, the colours could not be more different, mostly Pink in colour, it has a white and black streaked crown, black moustache, black & white wings and tail with a patch of light blue on top of the wings.  There are currently 160,000 pairs in the UK, generally found in woodland and parks.  The best place to see them I find is Adel Dam Nature Reserve as I have regularly seen two and sometimes three of them together there.  The Jay is also known for taking young chicks such as Blue Tits from the nest box as they are fledging.  This bird makes an appearance in our garden 3 or 4 times a year and I have also seen its North American cousin the Blue Jay in Canada quite a few times.

Length: 34-35cm (13½-14in)

Wingspan: 52-58cm (20½-23in)

Weight: 140-190g (5-7oz)

Average Life: 5 years

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