The Great Crested Grebe is the largest of the 5 species of Grebe found in the UK. The other 4 are - Red-necked Grebe, Little Grebe, Black-necked Grebe and Slavonian.  The adult has a black crest, white face and a chestnut frill, with the neck and body being half black and half white.  The adult loses this chestnut frill during the winter, the juvenile is born with a black and white striped head and neck and does not develop its full adult colours until the following spring and summer.  There are currently 4,000 pairs throughout the UK that are breeding each year.  The Great Crested Grebes will usually be found on lakes and reservoirs and I have seen it at nearly every reserve I have visited.

Length: 46-51cm (18-20in)

Wingspan: 85-90cm (34-35in)

Weight: 800-1000g (29-36oz)

Average Life: 10-15 years