The Dartford is a small warbler with a long thin tail, the male has dark blue-grey head, back & tail, with a dull reddish-brown breast.  The Dartford Warbler is an elusive and very secretive bird found on heather and gorse heath in southern England and East Anglia and very rarely found in South Wales and a very small area of the West Midlands.  It goes from bush to bush but can disappear from view very quickly, but if it is a warm day, the Dartford Warbler can come into view for longer, usually singing from the top of a bush.  At the moment there are 3,000 pairs that are resident year round and do not migrate like most warblers.  I managed to see a Dartford Warbler in East Anglia at RSPB Snape Warren and Dunwich Heath National Trust in October 2016.

Length: 12-13cm (4¾-5in)

Wingspan: 13-18cm (5-7in)

Weight: 9-12g (¼-½oz)

Average Life: 5 years