The Black-Tailed Godwit is a large, long-legged, long-billed bird which is one of four species of Godwit, two of which are found in the UK.  The four different species are Black Tailed, Bar Tailed, Hudsonian and Marbled, with the Bar Tailed and more common Black Tailed being found in the UK.  There have been 5 records of a Hudsonian Godwit being spotted in the UK though.  Across the country there are 50 to 60 locally breeding pairs with an estimated 50,000 visiting during the winter in the East, South and South West.  I have spotted this bird at Old Moor, Minsmere, Fairburn Ings, Potteric Carr, Saltholme & Blacktoft Sands.

Length: 36-44cm (14-17½in)

Wingspan: 62-70cm (24-28in)

Weight: 280-500g (10-18oz)

Average Life: 10-15 years