The Avocet is a large black and white wader and is the current logo for the RSPB.  The Avocet spotted in the UK is actually one of four species of Avocet - Pied, American, Andean & Red-necked - with the Pied Avocet being the one that frequents UK waters.  The Avocet is a Spring & Summer visitor with approximatley 1,900 pairs breeding in costal areas of the UK with a few that move further inland.  I have been lucky enough to see this bird at several different reserves across the UK such as Fairburn Ings, Old Moor, Minsmere & Blacktoft Sands.  The Avocet is also the current logo for the RSPB.

Length: 42-46cm (16½-18in)

Wingspan: 67-77cm (26-30in)

Weight: 250-400g (9-14oz)

Average Lifespan: 10-15 years